Privacy Policy

Tock Time Tracker

This app has been designed to operate on-device and does not store personally identifiable or any application-specific (calendar event data) on a central server.

The app asks for an email address during the signup process. This is only used to provide information about Tock Time Tracker and is not shared with third parties.

Calendar information remains on-device and is not transmitted off device.

The app collects aggregate anonymous information about app usage and basic device information. This anonymous aggregate data is periodically sent to a private server operated by the developer for app usage statistics only. Personally-identifiable information is not collected during this process.

The information collected by the app in aggregate is:

  • iOS version number

  • iOS device model

  • Premium flag

  • Tock app version

  • Timezone

  • Basic usage stats (total counts of sessions and event counts)

Information transferred to the server is secured via HTTPs.

Nov 2020