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Christian Clare


My resume, PDF

Detailed resume, PDF



Tambit Software LLC


c.clare [at] gmail [dot] com

christian [at] tambitsoftware [dot] com


+1 (315) 901-8118


Camillus, NY, 13031


Christian Clare on LinkedIn


@narbs on Github


Nir Diskin, Software Engineering Manager:

As the primary developer, he was responsible for writing the majority of the
application's code, consistently delivering high-quality work that exceeded our

His expertise in mobile development frameworks, programming languages,
and industry best practices was evident in the exceptional functionality and user
experience of the application he developed.

Furthermore, Christian's leadership abilities played a crucial role in driving our
team's success. He demonstrated excellent decision-making skills, effectively
prioritizing tasks, and delegating responsibilities among team members.

Christian's natural inclination to mentor and support his colleagues fostered a
collaborative and motivating work environment, where everyone felt empowered and
inspired to excel.

One of the standout qualities of Christian is his remarkable ability to work
remotely. Despite not being physically present in our office, Christian managed
to seamlessly integrate into the team and collaborate effectively with other team
members. He consistently maintained clear and prompt communication, ensuring that
everyone was aligned with project goals and timelines. His commitment to providing
regular updates, seeking feedback, and resolving any technical issues in a timely
manner (sometimes working around the clock) greatly contributed to the success of
our projects.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you require any further information
or clarification regarding Christian's qualifications or experience. I
wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation and believe that he will be a
valuable asset to any organization.

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Sarah Beladev, QA and release manager

Christian and I worked together for 5 years in the Mobile team.  
His enthusiasm, patience, skills and professionalism make coming to work a pleasure.  
He motivated, supported and cared for all the team throughout his time in the Company.  
I learned a lot from working with him!

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Chedva Haber, Agile Scrum Master

Christian Clare is a serious asset.

He is professional, knowledgeable and a team
player. I worked with him as we juggled different time zones, languages and
cultures. We planned, checked-in and reviewed throughout sprints and Christian
always had good insight on what to do, how and how to improve moving forward.

Whomever hires him is getting a gem of a person as an employee!

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Michael Gangolf, Titanium developer

Big thanks to @narbs and @Les51 :tada:
Both made it possible that the Titanium FFMPEG module (ti.ffmpeg) is now available for iOS too :clap::skin-tone-2:
PR is merged and the binary is available now
If you need custom iOS module make sure to contact @narbs

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Career Objective


Founder, Tambit Software LLC

Tambit Software LLC, NY Sep 2023 - Present

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Accruent/Fortive Sep 2016 - Jul 2023

Founder, Senior Analyst/Programmer

Groundhum, NY Jan 2009 - Jul 2023

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Verisae Aug 2014 - Aug 2016

Chief Architect

ViryaNet Sep 2007 - Jul 2014

Director of Engineering

ViryaNet Australia Jun 2005 - Aug 2007

Senior Analyst/Programmer

E-Wise Solutions Sep 2003 - May 2005

Systems Architect and Senior Analyst/Programmer

E-Wise Solutions/FieldAtWork Mar 2002 - Aug 2003

Senior Analyst Programmer

E-Wise Solutions Mar 2000 - Feb 2002

Senior Analyst Programmer

University of Queensland Jan 1999 - Feb 2000

Analyst Programmer

University of Queensland Jan 1994 - Dec 1998


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

English, Journalism, Computer Science (Jan 1992 - Dec 1994)

University of Queensland

Herston, QLD, Australia

Bachelor of InfoTech (deferred)

Completed 1st year, deferred for work in IT (Jan 1995 - Dec 1995)

University of Queensland

Herston, QLD, Australia


Open Source Contributions:

Added iPad cursor tracking to Minivmac4ios, PR

Created ffmpeg native iOS module for Titanium framework

Submitted Titanium framework Catalyst patch

I’m a Titanium contributor

Contributed patch to open-source jtds SQL server driver


Tock Time Tracker

Tock Time Tracker on the App Store