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Why Tock?

It's designed for how people actually plan and track time.

It's fast, and makes the common task of *changing plans* easy.

That's what makes it different from other time trackers.



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Tock includes powerful local search capabilities.

It's fast and shows a subtotal of accrued time.

Each entry shows how many business days and regular days from the current date.

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Send your time to Freshbooks.

Choose a day, a week or a month or more.

Create Freshbooks Tasks/Services on the fly.

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As you work through your day, the HUD shows:

- Time to the next event

- Time remaining on the current event

The HUD can remove the need for using timers. It updates regularly to show you where you're at in your day.



See your search results highlighted on the calendar.

Get a different perspective on your time spent.



The weekly report shows a 7-day summary of your time.

Use Ad-Hoc reports to show longer time spans



When your time is reported to an external system, mark them as DONE.

Time spent is grouped by project by day on the reporting screen.


backup To Dropbox

Protect your data with Dropbox backup.

Databases can be restored if the device is lost or broken.


Night Mode

Turn on night mode, with automatic switching.

The app includes seven built-in color schemes: Default, Night, Soft green, Brown, Funky, Grey and Black and White


Weekly Template

Events that repeat across weeks can be stored in a weekly template.

The template can be applied to any week - existing matching entries are ignored.

Choose one, some or all of the template entries to apply.


Export To CSV

Export your time data to CSV for use in Numbers or Excel. Filter on project and/or billing code and a custom date range.

Additionally, the whole database file can be exported to Dropbox. It is a SQLite database and can be queried directly using open-source apps like the excellent DB Browser for SQLite.


Ad-Hoc Report

Generate a custom report that looks like the weekly report but with a custom date range.

Useful for 2-week, 3-week or monthly reports.


40 second introduction

The basics, in 40s.


Get It Here

Download for free on the App Store.

An in-app purchases unlocks the premium features.